Propper Army ACU

The Propper Army ACU is currently the official approved uniform for wear by the US Army.  It has been met with a favorable response by service members since its 2004 inception. The ACU maintains a camouflage pattern but with the shapes taking on a digital and semi-pixelated appearance. This makes the uniform every bit as effective for concealment and blending with the environment as the old uniforms.

The ACU features two breast pockets with the openings slanted at a 45 degree angle. The name plate, battalion patches, and rank insignia are placed and removed with Velcro. This eliminates the need of having to have the patches sewn or pinned. The left sleeve above the wrist area comes with slots for holding up to three pens. Each upper sleeve is also fitted with Velcro pockets. The ACU trousers feature two large Velcro cargo pockets above the knee and Velcro above the rear pockets for name patch placement.

The Propper Army ACU is every bit as practical as its predecessor but with a more contemporary design relevant to the modern era. This keeps the uniform stylish without sacrificing function and comfort. Whether you are in the service or just want heavy-duty clothing designed for field wear, the ACU provides a level of durability fitting for the nation’s finest men and women.