Princeton Tec Remix PRO LED Headlamp


Product Description

Princeton Tec Remix PRO LED Headlamp

Princeton Tec has catered to the U.S. Military’s tactical lighting needs for years. So when you asked for a tougher personal task light that could go the distance, the answered with the Remix PRO LED Headlamp. The Princeton Tec Remix PRO LED Headlamp gives you multiple output levels and modes, and features CR123 power for top performance in the cold temperatures. The Princeton Tec Remix PRO also has one button touch controls for rapidly changing situations, and is lightweight enough for perfect versatility.

Mounting the Princeton Tec Remix PRO is no problem with the built-in stable asymmetrical bracket, and includes the headstrap for traditional wear. The integrated bracket mounting choices allow for an easy position switch out if needed during your operation. The Princeton Tec Remix PRO is also running on CR123 power – the same power as the rest of your duty gear - which makes it not only convenient but means it stands tough against extreme temperatures. At close range, the focused wide beams simulate normal daylight conditions, letting you take full advantage of your peripheral vision. The focused narrow beams are optimal for night trekking or search and rescue. The Princeton Tec Remix PRO illuminates greater distances, or lets you conserve battery power depending on your mission’s needs. The Princeton Tec Remix PRO also has a large on and off power button for ease of use with gloves on, and always starts in low light mode to ensure light discipline, no matter what mode you were in when you last turned it off. Tough and always ready, just like you, the Princeton won’t let you down.

Benefits of the Princeton Remix PRO LED Headlamp:

  • Weighs only 66 grams
  • Large on/off power switch
  • Burn time of 40 hours, powers up to 150 lumens
  • Waterproof to level 1 guards against unexpected splashes and dunks
  • CR123 power for cold temperature performance
  • One-handed battery door for rapid replacement in the field

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