Princeton Tec Fred Tactical Headlamp


Product Description

Princeton Tec Fred Tactical Headlamp

The Princeton Tec Fred Tactical Headlamp is an excellent way to light up the night. This carefully designed headlamp is engineered for efficiency, with a low weight, ergonomic design, and reliable function. With the ability to produce a 45 lumen beam that can reach up to 35 meters away, this lamp can easily help you see what you’re doing. The lamp offers two colors: a red LED bulb that can help you preserve your precious night vision while still illuminating your surroundings, and three white ultra-bright LEDs that can generate a powerful flood beam. A high and a low mode is available for each color, making for four settings total that are controlled by a large, easy to use push button. This lightweight yet powerful head-mounted lamp is the perfect choice for a wide variety of activities. Military personnel, first responders, and other professionals will find it useful for tactical work, although the lamp can also be used in recreational activities such as running, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, and camping.

Benefits of the Princeton Tec Headlamp:

  • Uses 3 AAA batteries
  • Weighs 78 grams
  • 3 ultra-bright white LEDs, 1 red LED
  • Runs up to 180 hours

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Fred Tactical Headlamp:

The Princeton Tec Headlamp comes in six different color combinations, allowing you to pick your favorite or find a match for your uniform. You need a reliable, lightweight light for your work and recreation—use this headlamp to help you find your way.

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