Plano USA Made Ammo Can

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Product Description

Plano USA Made Ammo Can

Procuring high-quality military equipment can be an ongoing concern for service men and women, especially when it comes to ammo storage options. Fortunately, Plano Tactical Cases offer the type of high-grade construction and materials necessary to meet the often lofty standards of enlistees. This is certainly true of the Plano USA made ammo can, which affords a convenient and durable method of carrying your precious ammo in many different environments. Keeping ammo dry is often a major concern, which is why the Plano ammo can features a highly effective O-ring seal. This provides a water-resistant storage option that is particular useful in wet and rainy climates. In addition, our ammo cases are derived from rugged plastic materials, meaning they will stand the test of time no matter how harsh conditions get.

Benefits of the Plano Ammo Can:

  • Ably holds up to 8 boxes of ammo
  • Brass latch mechanism means can will stay securely shut
  • Stackable design allows efficient storage of cans when not in use
  • Robust handles afford easier handling during long treks
  • Cans are made in the USA to ensure the very best in construction
  • Innovative seal keeps ammo dry in wet weather
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the USA Made Ammo Can:

When seeking the best in military gear and equipment, the Plano Ammo Can has much to offer. By ordering yours today, you will be privy to quality American construction simply not available when using similar products.

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