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Petzl Tactikka RBG Headlamp

The Petzl Tactikka RBG Headlamp is a high performance multicam headlamp. It was updated in 2014 to provide the latest in stealth illumination technology for hunters, fishermen or anyone else in need of hands-free illumination with numerous and varied lighting modes. The Tactikka +RGB casts an intense beam of light with an impressive burn time of about 100 hours in close-range vision mode so you can stalk your prey longer. This headlamp also allows you to choose red, green and blue lighting for closer range vision while staying discreet and preserving your night vision.

A large electronic push-button also makes this hands-free headlamp very easy to operate, even with gloves on. Several LED bulbs work in tandem to deliver a maximum brightness of 140 lumens (in boost mode to provide temporary access to maximum power). This is enough to cast light over 197 feet. Some of the a additional lighting modes include proximity lighting, travel lighting (110 lumens, 164 feet), red, green, blue and strobe mode (either in white, red, green or blue). These can be used at any time to signal your position. A hinge on the housing of the lamp allows you to aim the beam exactly where you need it the most.

This Tactikka +RGB headlamp is driven by three AAA batteries (included) and can also use rechargeable AAA Ni-MH or lithium batteries. The technology that sustains the battery life allows you to easily and quickly anticipate battery replacement by automatically switching to reserve mode when batteries are almost drained (signaled by blinking light). When the batteries are practically empty, the headlamp switches to red lighting to preserve a nominal amount of lighting for your safety. With batteries installed, the Tactikka +RGB weighs a mere three ounces. This outstanding illumination tool is available in your choice of color options.

Benefits of Petzl Tactikka RBG Headlamp:

  • High-performance multicam headlamp
  • Hands-free illumination for hunters, fishermen or other outdoor enthusiasts for maximum dexterity
  • Burn time of 100 hours in close-range vision mode for long-lasting illumination
  • Red, green and blue lighting for closer range vision if required
  • Strobe light for specific illumination requirements
  • Large electronic push-button for easy operation, even with gloves
  • 140 lumens in boost mode when necessary
  • Casts light over 197 feet away
  • Battery life technology warns when batteries are running low by switching to reserve mode
  • Weighs three ounces

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