Pelican 1780T Transport Case

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Product Description

Pelican 1780T Transport Case

Have you ever been transporting something valuable only to get to your destination and find that it has been damaged? Let broken things become a thing of your past with the Pelican 1780T Transport Case. With Pelican’s innovative co-polymer design and premium quality materials, your goods are guaranteed to make it to their destination just the way they were intended. Pelican cases are tough and made to last and this case is no exception. With its bearings, hinges and state-of-the-art hasp protectors being made of stainless steel, you can sleep well knowing that your equipment will be protected from theft and various elements. This Pelican 1780T Case is made even more special in that it features a 50/50 base-lid ratio which allows it to lie flat when it’s opened for easy loading and unloading.

Benefits of the Pelican Transport Case:

  • Watertight closure with the O-ring seal and automatic pressure equalization valve
  • Solid-wall and open cell core design ensure its light-weight, yet crush-proof
  • Interior remains safeguarded and dust-proof with its Pick N Pluck foam configurations
  • Easy to transport with 4 sturdy polyurethane wheels and fold-down handles
  • Double-throw latches make the container a cinch to open while keeping the contents secure
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Pelican 1780T Case:

You don’t have to settle when you’re looking for the perfect protective case for your specialized equipment or weaponry. You deserve the best of the best for your valuables and, with Pelican products, that’s what you get. Order your 1780T Transport Case today!

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