Pelican 1720 Rolling Weapons Case / Gun Case

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Product Description

Pelican 1720 Rolling Weapons Gun Case

Whether you’re in the military or are an avid hunter or gun enthusiast, moving your firearms around when they’re not in use requires a special container. For superior and convenient protection for your rifle or other long-barrel guns, invest in a Pelican 1720 Rolling Weapons Gun Case. Manufactured by Pelican, a trusted U.S. producer of rugged equipment cases, a 1720 weapons case features a three-piece foam set that cushions your firearm and keeps it in place when you’re on the move. The watertight rectangular case, which has polyurethane wheels to make it easy to transport, is made of stainless steel hardware and is both crushproof and dustproof. Strong yet incredibly lightweight, this case will get your weapon from point A to point B safely, efficiently and easily.

Benefits of the Pelican Rolling Weapons Case:

  • Open cell core with solid wall design
  • Double throw latches that are easy to open
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve
  • Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
  • Convenient fold-down handles
  • O-ring seal for an airtight closure
  • Lifetime guarantee of excellence

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Pelican 1720 Rolling Case:

When you need to transport your firearms when they’re not in use and you want top-notch protection against scratches and the potential wear and tear that being on the road could cause, a 1720 rolling weapons case is your answer. Don’t delayorder yours today!

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