Pelican 1600 EMS Case

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Product Description

Pelican 1600 EMS Case

Pelican is a brand that is known for their virtually indestructible hard cases. For emergency medical supplies, consider the Pelican 1600 EMS Case. What makes this case unique is its numerous compartments and pockets for simultaneous organization and protection of sensitive medical equipment. In an emergency, you do not have time to deal with lost or broken items.

The 1600 line of cases is one of the largest Pelican produces, boasting an impressive 2,700 cubic inches. The inside lid is outfitted with abundant Velcro pockets of varying sizes, all of which are transparent for clear display. The main compartment features adjustable walls to customize the size of each cubicle. The entire case is completely crushproof and waterproof, making it resistant to the elements, no matter where you take it or what you put it through. It includes stainless steel padlock protectors to prevent theft and the double throw latches are guaranteed up to 400 pounds.

Benefits of the Pelican EMS Case:

  • 2,700 cubic inches of protective storage space
  • Velcro lid organizer with numerous pockets
  • Customizable padded compartments featuring adjustable walls
  • Automatic valve to equalize pressure
  • Completely crushproof
  • Watertight to protect against moisture
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Pelican 1600 Case:

When you are serious about protecting your medical supplies during transport, look no further than Pelican's line of high-quality EMS cases. The reinforced outer layer's durability and strength will resist anything thrown its way without a scratch.

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