Pelican 1500 Watertight Gear Case

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Product Description

Pelican 1500 Watertight Gear Case

When you’re in a profession that requires valuable equipment for you to do your work, such as photography, you need a reliable and secure way to transport your gear whether you’re flying to a destination or traveling by car. The Pelican 1500 Watertight Gear Case provides tight, customizable transport for your items. The convoluted lid foam and Pick ‘N’ Pluck padding allows you to create spaces of just the right size for your gear. The double throw latches are easy to open or close, and the O-ring creates a watertight seal when the case is closed. Like other Pelican cases, the 1500 is also dust proof and crush proof. The over-molded rubber handle makes for comfortable carrying, and the automatic pressure equalization valve keeps the contents safe at high or low altitudes.

Benefits of the Pelican Watertight Gear Case:

  • Exterior dimensions (L x W x D): 18.5” x 14.06” x 6.93”
  • Interior dimensions (L x3 W x D): 16.75” x 11.18” x 6.12”
  • 0.66 cubic feet volume
  • Weighs 7.05 lbs. (with foam)
  • Buoyant up to 50 lbs.
  • Convoluted lid foam with Pick ‘N’ Pluck
  • Dust proof and crush proof
  • O-ring seal to keep out water
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Padlock protectors
  • Comes with Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Pelican 1500 Watertight Case:

In certain professions, the security of your gear is of utmost importance. Transport valuable equipment securely by ordering the Pelican Watertight Gear Case today.

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