Pelican 1495CC2 Hardened Laptop Case

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Product Description

Pelican 1495CC2 Hardened Laptop Case

If you need the ultimate in laptop protection, look no further than the Pelican 1495CC2 hardened laptop case. This case was designed with risky field professions in mind; when you have to take your electronic equipment out into the field, you will need the hard turtle-like shell protection and superior craftsmanship of this durable case. The Pelican case is sleek, attractive and professional-looking, but its purpose extends far beyond how impressive it looks. The case's state-of-the-art polymer materials repel dust, resist crushing and prevent water and moisture from damaging the contents. It will hold a full-sized laptop with a screen of 17 inches, plus has room for a variety of accessories. With the ability to bring along a notebook, pens and pencils, CDs and more, you can take your entire office out into the field without having to worry about it being ruined by the elements.

Benefits of the Pelican Hardened Laptop Case:

  • Built-in combination lock and dual stainless steel padlock protectors
  • Removable inner accessory pouch with zipper
  • Full shock-absorbent interior padding
  • Padded ergonomic shoulder strap
  • Organizer within the lid
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Pelican 1495CC2 Laptop Case:

The Pelican case is also built to withstand extreme temperatures, holding its integrity between -10 and 210 degrees. With a lifetime guarantee and the knowledge that your case will probably far outlast the lifespan of most laptops on the market, this superior case is a smart investment for those with tough, rugged jobs.

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