Pelican 1495CC1 Hardened Laptop Protective Case

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Product Description

Pelican 1495CC1 Hardened Laptop Protective Case

The Pelican 1495CC1 hardened laptop protective case is a no-nonsense case for those who mean business about protecting their laptops. When you entrust your sensitive computer equipment to this case, you can rest assured that it will withstand a fair amount of abuse and come out with barely a scratch, meaning its contents are safer than ever. The solid, watertight case comes in a sleek black and has such features as an organizer within the lid, a shock-absorbent tray to hold the computer and stainless steel padlock protectors for added security. Safety features aside, the case manages to look rugged and sophisticated at the same time, and is durable enough to last for years.

Benefits of the Pelican Laptop Protective Case:

  • Crush-proof outer shell with attachments for a removable ergonomic shoulder strap
  • Can withstand temperatures as low as -10 and as high as 210 degrees
  • Added accessory pouch for CDs, pens, papers and more
  • Pressure equalization valve
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Pelican 1495CC1 Hardened Laptop Case:

The Pelican case also comes with a combination lock installed, and can hold laptops with a 17-inch screen. Don’t trust your delicate electronics to a cheap run-of-the-mill laptop case that can leak or fall apart. The next time your work takes you out into the field or anywhere else that your computer equipment might be bumped and jostled around, protect it inside the hard shell of a Pelican case.

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