Pelican 1470 Watertight Protective Brief Case

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Product Description

Pelican 1470 Watertight Protective Brief Case

With a rugged, highly durable build for an iconic piece of equipment, the Pelican 1470 Watertight Protective Brief Case manages to combine the classic, convenient brief case design with the kind of sturdy, watertight protection you have come to expect from Pelican. Featuring their hallmark open cell core design and o-ring seal, this airtight, watertight, lightweight brief case is buoyant to almost 25 pounds total weight. It’s inside depth is generous enough to take a sturdy laptop, even with some protective foam, so it can handle your files or serve as secure transportation for sensitive electronics. This brief case features a couple of other familiar Pelican design flourishes as well, including the over-molded rubber handle that helps make carrying it comfortable even when the case is fully loaded. It also has stainless steel hardware throughout, as well as secure padlock protectors for when you need to keep your files locked down in addition to the built-in locking latches that come complete with their own keys. Overall, the Pelican watertight protective brief case is just what you would expect: Pelican’s rugged design excellence in a familiar, convenient business-sized package.

Benefits of the Pelican Watertight Protective Brief Case:

  • Exterior dimensions: 16.88” x 13.23” x 4.47”
  • Interior dimensions: 15.70” x 10.70” x 3.87”
  • Interior depths - Lid: 1.47” Bottom: 2.40”
  • Volume: 0.38 cubic feet
  • Weight (fully unloaded): 4.28 pounds
  • Buoyant to 24.91 pounds
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Pelican 1470 Protective Brief Case:

This brief case is designed to hold up under the most extreme conditions. Order yours today!

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