Outdoor Research

If you’re seeking quality Outdoor Research gloves that provide maximum protection without compromising functionality, look no further. These lightweight, form-fitting gloves keep your hands covered while letting you maneuver as if you weren’t wearing them. They’re thin and form fitting, but durable enough to stand up to intense outdoor use.

These gloves allow you to protect your hands without losing your touch. They provide knuckle impact protection and outstanding grip while maintaining flexibility and dexterity. You won’t find yourself fumbling with tools or struggling to manipulate instruments on your weapon. The barely-there grip pads are deceptively thin but incredibly effective at helping you to maintain control without hindering your ability to flex your fingers. You will especially notice that these gloves preserve your pincer grip, allowing you to use your thumb and forefinger together as well as you do with bare hands.  These products are constructed for a seamless, contoured fit, with adjustable wrist straps to keep them secure and a loop at the wrist to help you slide them on quickly and easily.

The synthetic leather material used in these gloves further enhances grip but provides supreme breathability. The fabric is quick-drying, providing comfort and functionality in varying weather and environmental conditions. Outdoor Research gloves are the ideal choice if you are looking for a tough but flexible all-purpose tactical glove at a reasonable price.

Outdoor Research products have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. They are manufactured to outlive you!  If something goes wrong with the product in your lifetime, we got your six. Give us a call (800.805.5294) and we will communicate with the manufacturer to get it repaired or replaced. Of course, this guarantee doesn't include a few situations: blowing it up with C4, running it over with an M1 Abrams, dropping it out the backside of a AC130, normal wear and tear, and of course losing it.