Otis Defender Series 5.56mm-9mm Cleaning System

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Product Description

Otis Defender Series 5.56mm/9mm Cleaning System

Proper cleaning is vital to the life and functioning of your gun. The Otis Defender Series 5.56mm/9mm Cleaning System makes keeping it clear of debris easy. This kit includes all the tools needed for cleaning 5.56mm and 9mm guns, including Memory-Flex® cables, caliber specific bronze bore brushes, and patches for loosening and removing debris and fouling and a Ripcord® for quick one-pass cleaning. The all-purpose receive brush cleans hard to access spots. Everything is contained in a soft-side zippered case with elastic loops, regular pockets, and mesh pockets for easy organization.

With its compact size, included tools, and ease of organization, the Otis Defender Series 5.56mm/9mm Cleaning System is a great addition to any tactical, hunting, or range bag. Order now!

Benefits of the Otis Defender Series 5.56mm/9mm Cleaning System:

  • Great for military, hunters, and recreational shooters
  • Includes tools needed to clean 9mm and 5.56mm
  • Memory-Flex® cables, bore brush, slotted tip, and patches for proper Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
  • Ripcord® for quick, one-pass cleaning
  • All-purpose receiver brush and solid rod sections
  • Included zipper case for easy storage and organization
  • 4” W x 9” H
  • Made in the USA

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