Original SWAT

The Original SWAT company has made a name for itself in the tactical footwear industry by providing the best products available at the most affordable prices. Where some competitors marketing tactical footwear have started out in other industries and expanded into this field, Original SWAT has been there from the beginning. They have a demonstrated commitment to the core of their brand and every detail on every piece of footwear they sell shows this.

When you’re on the move in high pressure, dangerous situations, whether stateside or abroad, you want footwear that keeps you comfortable and in top physical form. Outsoles were developed to maximize durability and traction. Shock absorption, important in fatigue and injury prevention, is guaranteed through compression molded EVA. Shoes and boots come in a variety of heights, sizes and colors. These boots and shoes were designed with challenging operations, shifting environmental conditions, and long shifts in mind. Materials are chosen for their suitability for each part of the product. Heels and toes are often reinforced for extra durability and a longer lifespan. Comfort and support are the cornerstone of what they provide.