OCP & Multicam Uniforms

We have a complete arsenal of uniforms and accessories in Scorpion OCP and Multicam for military servicemen and women. We carry hats, coats, patches, pants and more so you can get everything you require in just one order.

Our genuine OCP uniforms are authorized for use by Air Force and Army personnel - just add your nametapes, patches, rank, and other customizations, and we'll get your new uniform sent out.

Any seasoned military service member knows that the uniform is composed of much more than just pants and a matching jacket. You need the proper patches and insignia to signify rank and company. Not only do we have the extras you need, we can even do the sewing at our own warehouse upon request. That means your uniform is ready to wear as soon as you receive it.

The military values effectiveness and precision in daily tasks and ordering your uniform should be no different. You don’t have to worry about searching all over town for all the various bits your need or having to hire a seamstress to update your patches. As soon as you get your order, you can pull out your gear and wear it. 

For more information on how to properly roll your sleeves according to the new Army regulations, check out our Sleeve Rolling Guide.