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Product Description

Oakley Polartec Midweight Glove

Operating in cold weather can be tricky, especially when you need to maintain digital dexterity. With the all-purpose Oakley Polartec Midweight Glove, you can function as if you’re working virtually barehanded while still enjoying the warmth you need to proceed. These mid-weight gloves created by Oakley are developed with winter athletes in mind, so they’re made to withstand some of the harshest temperatures.

They come outfitted with anti-slip silicon at the palms to enhance your gripping ability, ensuring you don’t lose hold of crucial equipment at an inopportune moment. The Polartec gloves feature stretchy construction to deliver a cozy but adaptable fit. Finally, these innovative accessories even allow for touchscreen use without removal, so you can operate devices without compromising comfort.

Benefits of the Oakley Glove:

  • Crafted from 53% polyester / 35% nylon / 12% spandex materials
  • Mid-weight gloves provide quality insulation without excess bulk
  • Non-slip silicon palms ensure optimal grip of your tools and instruments
  • Fingertip sensitivity allows for touchscreen use without glove removal
  • Stretch fabric provides a snug fit while still allowing manual dexterity

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Polartec Midweight Glove:

Don’t let the frigid elements slow you down. Whether you’re operating down range or heading down the slopes, protect your hands the right way—gear up with the Oakley Polartec Gloves for maximum performance every time.

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