Oakley Nanoclear Lens Cleaner and Hydrophobic Kit

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Product Description

Oakley Nanoclear Lens Cleaner and Hydrophobic Kit

You have already got some of the world’s best eye gear. Now, take care of it with the Oakley Nanoclear Lens Cleaner and Hydrophobic Kit. This two-part kit will help you keep your lenses clean and give them a protective coating in one easy step. The specifically engineer coating prevents sheens and streaks that can corrupt your view. Plus, it also creates a smudge-resistant barrier that blocks lotions and skin oils. Once you start using the Nanoclear kit, keeping you gear clean will only become easier. The barrier helps prevent damage and other signs of wear. The solution will not negate the high clarity performance of the lenses. Additionally, feel free to use the kit with Iridium and Anti-Reflective coatings.

Benefits of the Oakley Lens Cleaner and Hydrophobic Kit:

  • Compatible with all lens and frame materials
  • Nanoclear lens pen with Hydrophobic
  • Single stage application
  • Microclear streak free cloth
  • Can be used on most eyewear
  • Not compatible with anti-fog treated lenses
  • Not fit for snow goggles

Consider before Purchasing the Oakley Nanoclear Kit:

Oakley began with one man, a garage and a few hundred dollars. Now, the incorporated company is responsible for over 600 materials and equipment patents and authorized for United States Standard Issue. Most of its designs are developed with the direct input of athletes and extensive field testing. Plus, when it comes to choosing a manufacturing location, the enterprise sticks to an unyielding and rigorous set of standards. Go on! Get your lens cleaner and hydrophobic kit today!

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