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Product Description

Oakley Light Assault Boots (Black)

Keeping yourself safe on the battlefield requires the proper equipment. In the military you can expect to traverse rough terrain and encounter a wide range of potential hazards on a regular basis. The Oakley black light assault boot is designed in such a way as to protect your feet from harm and provide them with comfort.  The Oakley light assault boot possesses a number of impressive design features. Crafted from durable materials, the footwear lasts for many uses without succumbing to extensive wear. In addition, the lightweight canvas that covers the exterior prevents the boot from becoming too unwieldy. Oakley assault boots are perfect for a variety of activities: running, physical training, and tactical work. They have the ability to withstand heavy forces, including weather-related ones. Designed to function in a range of outdoor environments, the boots are popular among soldiers, hikers, and campers.

Benefits of the Oakley Light Assault Boots (Black):

  • Soles do not accumulate dirt
  • Contain cushioning for comfort and support
  • Nylon shank offers arch support
  • 8 inches in height
  • Carbon rubber sole

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Oakley Light Assault Boots (Black):

Every feature of the Oakley police light assault boot provides either support or protection to your feet. When operating in a frenzied, dangerous setting, you need to have top-of-the-line protective gear. Oakley light assault boots, with their impressive strength and durability, are a popular type of footwear among military professionals. Order a pair today!

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