Oakley Flak Jacket Nosepiece Accessory Kit (Black)

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Product Description

Oakley Flak Jacket Black Nosepiece Accessory Kit

The Flak Jacket Sunglasses designed by Oakley represent an inspired piece of eyewear, capable of meeting the specialized needs of athletes and professionals in a wide range of job environments. When you’re ready to update the look of your Flak Jacket frames, pick up the Oakley flak jacket black nosepiece accessory kit. It comes complete with everything you need to switch things up, or just to replace a piece that’s gone missing. Featuring their exclusive Unobtainium technology, the Oakley Nosepiece Accessory Kit is made to provide improved grip and stability when you start to sweat. This kit includes two different-sized nose pads, allowing you to find a perfect fit for ideal comfort. Also inside the box you’ll find a pair of matching sleeves for the stems of your sunglasses, making it easy to stay stylish and coordinated.

Benefits of the Oakley Nosepiece Accessory Kit:

  • Accessory kit includes (2) nose pads of different sizes for custom comfort
  • Comes with (1) set of matching stem sleeves
  • Components crafted from Oakley Unobtainium for a secure fit
  • Black color for all-purpose use

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Oakley Flak Jacket Nosepiece Accessory Kit:

Oakley has a strong reputation for delivering eyewear of the highest quality, standards which extend to their accessories and components as well. When you’re looking for a replacement or a new style for your Flak Jacket frames, this kit has everything you need.

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