Oakley Breach Range Bag


Product Description

Oakley Breach Range Bag

If you need a tough and durable bag that will provide you with the ultimate convenience, then the Oakley Breach Range Bag is for you. This bag is tough and able to protect your belongings. It also has many compartments for you to carry equipment and gear with ease. The Breach Range Bag features an abrasion-resistant design, so you can be confident that your belongings will be well protected from wear and tear. This bag will remain durable so no matter what you carry, you know it will be kept safe during transportation. The range bag also offers a fold-down pocket specifically designed for you to clean and maintain your firearm. A large main compartment offers an ample amount of storage space and an adjustable divider allows you to keep your things organized and neat. With specific pockets for your ear protection and eyewear, you will be able to successfully carry all the safety gear you need.

Benefits of the Oakley Range Bag:

  • Specific pockets for ear protection and eyewear
  • Large main compartment allows for excellent storage
  • Divider allows for organization
  • Fold-down pocket allows for cleaning your gun
  • Abrasion-resistant design protects your gear from damage
  • Made from 100% polyester

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Breach Range Bag:

For a convenience, durability protection and organization, choose the Oakley Range Bag. What are you waiting for? Order your bag today!

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