North American Rescue Flat Emergency Trauma Dressing ETD - 4 inch 30-0093


Product Description

North American Rescue 4 in. Flat Emergency Trauma Dressing

Packing up your trauma or medical kit should be the easiest part of your day. The North American Rescue 4 in. Flat Emergency Trauma Dressing will make it so as it fits snugly into your mobile unit. The bandage is folded flat to reduce its footprint amongst your gear. This means you’ll have plenty of space for everything you need and you won’t have to worry about leaving an important item behind to fit a bulky bandage.

The dressing is made with extremely resistant elastic and includes a Quick-Grip Roll Control build, non-adherent sterile pad, and dependable securing mechanism. When you’re in the field, you can rely on this bandage to facilitate rapid and effective treatment. Additionally, you can use the bandage to make slings or secure splints.

Benefits of the North American Rescue Emergency Trauma Dressing:

  • Multi-function design
  • Sterile for up to 5 years
  • Berry Amendment Compliant
  • Suitable for immediate and direct application
  • No hooks or pressure bars to moderate fine motor functions
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Low cube packaging
  • Bandage: 4 inches wide by 70 inches long
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Made in the United States

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 4 in. Flat Emergency Trauma Dressing:

This bandage will get you through the most stressful and crucial situations. Whether you need a tourniquet or a sterile bandage, this is a product you can trust. Go ahead and order yours today!

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