North American Rescue ChitoGauze XR Pro 30-0049


Product Description

North American Rescue ChitoGauze XR Pro

Do you encounter wounds that require you to stop hemorrhage? If so, the North American Rescue ChitoGauze XR Pro is exactly what you need in your medical kit. The dressing is revolutionary for external control of bleeding wounds. It is made from a non-woven polyester and rayon blend and has a chitosan coating. With an x-ray detectable strip, the gauze is Z-folded and comes in a compact vacuum sealed pouch.

The ChitoGauze XR Pro gives you superior hemostatic performance and minimizes the risk of further bleeding. This yields effective hemostasis that occurs outside the body’s clotting mechanism. The gauze has natural antibacterial properties, which help protect injuries from more harm. Designed with the demands of the field in mind, the gauze is easy to apply in stressful situations.

Benefits of the North American Rescue ChitoGauze:

  • Protects against gram positive and gram negative organisms
  • Weighs 0.7 ounces
  • Gauze size: 3 inches by 4 yards
  • Ideal for severe bleeding
  • Z-fold allows for easy application and cutting
  • Conforms to patient’s wound to provide good seal
  • Enhanced ability to control hemorrhage due to chitosan coating
  • Antimicrobial properties combat 26 types of organism

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ChitoGauze XR Pro:

If you want to be ready for extreme field situations, ChitoGauze is the way to go. It protects against infection and stops bleeding effectively. Go ahead and order your treated gauze today.

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