North American Rescue ACE Cervical Collar (OD Green) 50-0010


Product Description

North American Rescue ACE Cervical Collar

When serious neck or back injuries occur, a key aspect of treatment is ensuring proper immobilization to prevent further damage. To achieve an optimal fit for any adult, choose the adjustable North American Rescue ACE Cervical Collar. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic material, this precision-engineered cervical collar is lined with a protective foam layer for added comfort during immobilization. The collar’s back side is elongated for generous support and prevention of further injury. Available in olive drab green, the defining feature of the ACE Cervical Collar is its adjustability. Choose from 16 individual settings to ensure the best possible fit for any adult individual.

Benefits of the North American Rescue Collar:

  • Built from a heavy-duty plastic material for durable performance
  • Features an integrated foam collar layer to enhance comfort
  • Collar is adaptable with 16 different settings for varying sizes
  • Available in Olive Drab Green color
  • Dimensions: 6.75H x 20.5W x 0.75D inches
  • Total weight: 5 lbs, 2 oz.

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ACE Cervical Collar:

Avoiding injury is always the first priority when you’re in the field, but there are no guarantees in the midst of combat. When the unthinkable occurs, make sure you’re ready to respond effectively—with the ACE Cervical Collar, you’re prepared to treat any member of your team the right way, on the fly.

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