Nike SFB Special Field Boots (Sage) CLOSEOUT

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Product Description

Nike SFB Special Field Boots (Sage) CLOSEOUT

The Nike SFB USAF Special Field Boots are approved by the US Air Force due to their quality and functionality. These boots are perfect for anyone working either on land or in the air. Of all the field boots Nike has engineered, the SFB USAF boots are exceptionally light, quick to dry, and highly flexible. The boots’ light feel is due to the high-performance synthetic uppers that allow the wearer to remain comfortable even during extended use. The moisture wicking and multiple ventilation areas give advanced protection from outside elements and keep your feet from getting overheated. This is especially important for those whose service involves 100% dedication no matter what’s going on around them. These boots also feature a leather footbed to ensure that they are long lasting and can withstand any conditions. The flexible forefoot lugs allow for spring-forward action so you can respond with precision and ease. The sage green color gives a quality look while also allowing the boots to blend into their environment.

Benefits of the Nike SFB Boots (Sage) CLOSEOUT:

  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Ventilation areas so they’re quick to dry
  • Flexibility for all-day wear
  • High-performance synthetic uppers
  • Leather footbed enhances durability
  • Forefoot lugs for spring-forward action
  • Directional outsole for quick movements
  • Cushioned midsole to protect your feet
  • Approved by the US Air Force

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Nike SFB Field Boots (Sage) CLOSEOUT:

No matter how you spend your workday, the Nike SFB Sage Special Field Boots will give you lasting comfort through their durable and highly functional design. Elevate your workday with these high-quality boots.

Other Details

Nike Men's SFB Sage Green Boot
Feature 1:
Meets USAF regs
Feature 2:
8" shank height
Feature 3:
Ultra lightweight design
Feature 4:
Fast break-in time
Feature 5: