Nike SFB Field 2 8 Inch Boots (Coyote)

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Product Description

Nike SFB Field 2 8 Inch Boots (Coyote)

The Nike SFB has been a staple piece of gear for our servicemembers for years: and now it’s even better. The Nike SFB Field 2 8 Inch Boots (Coyote) is the next generation of the classic that Nike’s been fielding for a while now, a refined version to even better suited the needs of our nation’s military. Combining the feel of a Nike sneaker with the durability, traction, and support of a boot, the SFB Field 2 is constructed with a leather upper with breathable canvas, suitable for all-day comfort during all-day operations. The lightweight midsole is constructed of phylon, a lightweight and low-profile material molded to help respond to the impacts of your feet hitting the ground

On the pavement side of the boots, the outsole is equipped with an aggressive traction pattern that provides a reliable grip on multiple types of surfaces, designed for 360-degree mobility and durability. The front of the sole utilizes a semi-adhesive rubber to grip the ground while the back is sturdier, built with durability in mind. Get your hands on the next generation of Nike’s SFB today!

Authorized for wear with OCP uniforms for Army and USAF members, and multicam uniforms for Army members.

Benefits of the Nike SFB Field 2 8 Inch Boots (Coyote):

  • The trusted build of the Nike SFB with refined features for comfort, structure, and durability
  • Leather and mesh upper is quick-drying and breathable
  • Dynamic speed-laces for rapid on and off
  • 8” leather support provides ankle protection and structure without hindering mobility
  • Comfort sockliner for improved feel
  • Aggressive traction pattern provides grip on multiple types of surfaces.
  • Rockshield puncture resistance
  • AR670-1 compliant for US Army wear with multicam and OCP
  • AFI 36-2903 compliant for US Air Force wear with OCP

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Nike SFB Field 2 8 Inch Boots (Coyote):

The Nike SFB Field 2 8 Inch Boot is a lightweight high-performance boot equipped with a tread pattern that provides exceptional traction, with an internal rock shield that helps prevent punctures.

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