Nebo Wind Up Lantern & Flashlight Combo


Product Description

Nebo Wind Up Lantern & Flashlight Combo

When you’re roughing it, it’s always recommended to have a backup plan in place. For a reliable source of light without concern of batteries, the Nebo Wind Up Lantern and Flashlight Combo presents a perfect stand-by in any situation. This clever Nebo creation utilizes an internal battery which is rechargeable via the attached hand crank, eliminating the need for battery replacement. Furthermore, you can switch from a five-LED flashlight to a three-bulb flashlight with each rated to deliver over 110,000 hours of lifespan. Each individual LED bulb provides 12,000 mcd of bright white illumination to guide the way when the lights go out.

Benefits of the Nebo Lantern & Flashlight Combo:

  • Wind-up crank handle powers integral rechargeable battery for reliability anytime
  • Lantern function outputs 60,000 mcd of white light
  • Flashlight mode offers output of 36,000 mcd
  • Lightweight at 2.575 lbs (1.168 kg)
  • 12.25”L x 6”W x 13.75”H (about 31.15 x 15.25 x 34.92 cm)
  • Features an integrated carrying handle for added convenience

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Lantern & Flashlight Combo:

Ideal for camping trips and all manners of outdoor expeditions, the Nebo Lantern and Flashlight is always up for the task. They’re handy to have in the car, RV, or around the house for emergencies and power loss situations. When conventional means fail, Nebo products are ready to light the way.

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