Nebo Chameleon II Flashlight (Black)


Product Description

Nebo Chameleon II Flashlight (Black)

The Nebo Chameleon™ II has a high-power, color-changing LED that outputs white, green and red light. Hard/Soft Touch Technology allows you to easily cycle through the four impressive light modes.

Benefits of the Nebo Chameleon II Flashlight (Black):

  • High-power 120 LUX color-changing LED
  • White: 120 LUX – 4 Hours / 60 Meters
  • Green: 80 LUX – 5 Hours / 45 Meters
  • Red: 60 LUX – 7 Hours / 30 Meters
  • Strobe: 100 LUX – 3 Hours / 60 Meters
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant
  • Convex lens
  • 4x adjustable zoom
  • Steel belt/pocket clip
  • Rear-positioned ON/OFF button with Soft Touch Technology

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Nebo Chameleon II Flashlight (Black):

For a rugged and highly-capable lighting implement, choose the Nebo Chameleon II Flashlight. It offers powerful output, multiple settings, and generous battery lifespan that will serve you well for any application.

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