In combat situations, dog tags are essential for those unpredictable situations. We offer military grade tags and chains for our service men and women. The chains come in long and short sizes, so service men and women can wear the tags as necklaces or they can attach the tags to combat gear or other equipment via the basic ball clasp found on each chain.

We also have dog tag sets with the chain included. These sets are embossed in accordance with military standards. We are happy to customize the tags at our warehouse so that they are ready for use upon delivery. Our inventory contains both traditional metal tags and colored for medical identification. There are additional lines for name, blood type, social security number and religious affiliation.

When you are moving in the field, you don’t want your dog tags to give you away, so we offer a range of multicolored silencers for field use. You can match your company’s colors or just pick your favorite two from the bunch. Either way, you’ll be more prepared to sneak up on your enemy, while keeping your identification on you. Order your customer made tags today and they’ll be ready for use as soon as they are delivered.