Mil-Spec Monkey Tacmed Spartan Decal


Product Description

Mil-Spec Monkey Tacmed Spartan Decal

Service men and women should be proud of their time spent defending their country, so why not brag a little bit? The Mil-Spec Monkey Tacmed Spartan Decal features the common symbol for tactical medics. Tell everyone you are a medic that fights back with this fun stencil, or perhaps have a great place to start a conversation at the neighborhood barbeque.

This sticker is an example of a universal coat of arms that everyone will recognize. The contrasting white and red or white and black design offers an eye-catching look for the casual admirer. It immediately shares your military experience with civilians and veterans alike. Civilians will want to know more about you and vets will feel a sense of camaraderie over time served.

This decal is made to weather stormy combat just like you. Get yours in the color of your choice and decorate your vehicle to match the soldier within!

Benefits of the Mil-Spec Monkey Tacmed Spartan Decal:

  • Comes in two colors
  • High grade materials for durability
  • Adhesive on the back
  • Just peel off protective backing to use

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Mil-Spec Monkey Tacmed Spartan Decal:

These decals are much more than your average peel and stick. They are made on heavy-duty vinyl that is great for durability. The vehicle wrap materials ensure that those cross swords stay on your windshield or bumper despite the weather. The Tacmed Spartan Decal will see you through no matter how difficult the operation.

Other Details