Mil-Spec Monkey Industrial Eagle PVC Patch


Product Description

Mil-Spec Monkey Industrial Eagle PVC Patch

Looking for a way to show the world just how tough and badass you really are without saying a word? The Mil-Spec Monkey Industrial Eagle PVC Patch says it all and then some. Available in several colors, you can add this patch to your combat gear with pride without committing any color and fashion violations. Bold and eye-catching without being overwhelming or distracting are among the many reasons why you’ll never go anywhere without this patch on your attire again.

The Industrial Eagle PVC Patch reinforces your commanding nature and alerts all others that you mean business. It helps to boost morale in times of need and instill respect and value in others. Wear this patch with pride while showcasing a bit of flair and personality in the process.

Add a distinct touch of flair to your gear with pride by ordering your Industrial Eagle PVC Patch today!

Benefits of the Mil-Spec Monkey Industrial Eagle PVC Patch:

  • 3.75“ x 3.40” dimensions are compact for attachment anywhere
  • Made of reinforced PVC for increased durability
  • Has a sewn on hook back
  • Easy and no mess application
  • Does not iron on

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Mil-Spec Monkey Industrial Eagle PVC Patch:

Breathe new life to your uniforms and combat gear by adding an Industrial Eagle PVC Patch to them. This 3D PVC patch enhances your gear without drawing unnecessary attention to you while you are out in the field.

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