Mechanix Wear The Original Gloves

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Product Description

Mechanix The Original Glove (Coyote)

The Mechanix The Original Glove is a superb all around glove that is perfect for use in military or law enforcement applications. Designed with a durable synthetic leather palm that won’t rip or fray over time, this glove is unlike any other glove on the market today as it maintains your full dexterity. The form-fitting stretch spandex top offers a “second skin” like feel that removes unnecessary bulk for supremely lightweight comfort. To ensure that the gloves fit hands of all shapes and sizes perfectly, the gloves have a fully adjustable wrist closure. Get on the cutting edge; get the Mechanix The Original Glove today!

Benefits of the Mechanix The Original Glove:

  • Synthetic leather palm improves dexterity and is incredibly durable
  • Form fitting design with stretch spandex fabric for a second-skin fit
  • Adjustable wrist closure allows for a secure, custom fit

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Mechanix The Original Glove:

The gloves are machine washable so you will always have fresh gloves that look brand new. Refer to internal labels for laundering instructions.

Mechanix is transitioning to a slightly new color scheme. Older gloves have a black palm while the new gloves have a coyote palm. Please understand that you may get one or the other until we have sold all gloves with a black palm.



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