Mcnett Gruntline Elastic Cord (Black)

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Product Description

Mcnett Gruntline Elastic Cord (Black)

Adding this light and compact lanyard to your pack won't be any real hardship on your back, but it just might save you headaches while out in the field. The Mcnett Gruntline Elastic Cord is a piece of gear with dozens of uses that range from emergency applications to utility and packing situations. Ultimately, though, the real question is what this McNett lanyard can't do. This braided elastic cord has a gripping exterior texture that allows it to serve well as a clothesline. With ends that can easily attach to trees or other surrounding objects, the cord can hold up or tie down clothes and other gear without fasteners or clips.

Benefits of the Mcnett Gruntline Elastic Cord (Black):

  • Composed of natural dry rubber
  • Braided elastic construction allows for maximum tensile strength and flexibility
  • Can stretch up to seven feet and support up to 20 pounds of gear
  • Heavy-duty clips on either end of the cord can attach it to surroundings to create tautness in the cord
  • Countless applications

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Mcnett Gruntline Elastic Cord (Black):

As a multipurpose tool that can be used for anything from an arm sling to a tie-down, this cord is a must-have for any tactical excursion. It's hard to imagine a mission in which the lanyard couldn't prove useful or even vital. So don't leave base again without one. Order yours today!

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