Masterlock 1-1/2 Inch Laminated Padlock

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Product Description

Master Lock 1½ in. Laminated Padlock

When locking up your gear, you need the best in protection. You need a lock that provides strength and durability so you have one less thing to worry about when preparing for battle. You need a lock with extra cut resistance and protective features to deter theft. You need the Master Lock 1½ in. Laminated Padlock. From the world’s largest manufacturer of padlocks, this high-quality product provides maximum protection and ultimate security. Made with a hardened steel shackle for superior cut resistance and strength, you’ll be confident that your belongings are secure. For additional protection, the innovative design also features dual locking levers that guard against prying and hammering. And to go one step further, it also has a 4-pin cylinder that helps prevent picking. Designed with multilevel protection, this laminated steel padlock provides top notch defense.

Benefits of the Master Lock Laminated Padlock:

  • Superior strength from a wide, laminated steel body
  • Additional cut resistance from a hardened steel shackle
  • Picking prevention from a 4-pin cylinder
  • Extra pry resistance from dual locking levers

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Master Lock 1½ in. Lock:

When looking for a superior lock, choose the company that has been making padlocks since 1921 and continues to be the trusted company for strength and quality. Look no further for the perfect protection for your valuables than the Master Lock 1½ in. Laminated Padlock. Order today!

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