Massif Elements CWAS Pants


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Product Description

Massif Elements CWAS Pants

Face the skies with certainty with the Massif Elements Cold Weather Aviation System (CWAS) Pants, USAF approved bottoms designed with the modern Airman in mind. Featuring Battleshield X fabric, Elements CWAS pants use Dupont NOMEX nylon fibers that carbonize and thicken when subjected to the intense heat of a flash fire, reducing or even outright preventing certain burn injuries.

Safety doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort and flexibility; these pants are lined with Gore FR 4-way stretch technology, resulting in a low profile, ergonomic fit allowing maneuverability in the narrow corridors and bays of modern aircraft. The Massif Elements CWAS pants also offer exceptional breathability, durability, and a fantastic warmth-to-weight ratio that won’t slow you down. Order a pair today and experience the blend of form and function that performs when you do.

Benefits of the Massif Elements CWAS Pants:

  • ASTM D6413/F2302-compliant flame-resistant design for burn protection from flash fires
  • DuPont and Gore fabrics will keep pace with however many flight hours you accrue
  • Water resistant shell keeps you warm by repelling rain and snow away from your inner layers
  • Windproof membrane blocks biting wind while remaining breathable during long duty days
  • USAF authorized safe-to-fly
  • 4-way stretch ensures a comfortable fit all the time

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