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LTC Composites 

For over 20 years, Leading Technology Composites Inc—better known as LTC—has been producing lightweight, innovative composite solutions for use in combat and tactical situations. Known both for their personal armor as well as vehicle protection products, LTC has become a highly trusted name in military supply, bringing to market some of the best in SAPI, ISAPI, and ESAPI compliant plates.

LTC composites feature several key design elements in order to ensure maximum protection. Armor plates are shaped and curved strategically to afford the wearer the greatest possible coverage while minimizing gaps and potential vulnerabilities. LTC’s military-grade armor plates also offer multi-hit protection capability, which can mean all the difference in the heat of battle. The lightweight construction that LTC is known for allows for enhanced maneuverability, while still providing the superior level of protection and performance that soldiers require.

On the battlefield, personal safety is paramount. LTC displays their dedication to producing armor of the highest caliber through their rigorous, detailed inspections of raw materials at the time of arrival, as well as at several critical junctures during the process of manufacturing. This level of attention to detail is just one of the reasons that LTC is trusted in the military and law enforcement communities, and has been since 1993.

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