Originally developed with the British Special Forces in mind, Lowa boots have a very strong reputation in the field of military footwear. Originally established in 1923 in the small village of Jetzendorf, Germany, Lowa has grown into a trusted name worldwide for tactical and outdoor footwear. In fact, they claim the esteemed honor of being the only outdoor boot manufacturer to have been granted ISO 9001 certified status for their adherence to only the highest-quality standards of manufacturing and construction.

Lowa military boots are available in both six- and eight-inch heights to promote ideal ankle support. Various styles are made available in several colors, making it easy for you to find the right boot for any tactical application. As a company, Lowa has been responsible for many great innovations which have been incorporated throughout their many lines of footwear.

A host of exclusive features make Lowa military boots some of the very best on the market, from unparalleled shock absorption technology, to lacing systems which produce optimal support while reducing pressure on the instep during certain types of common movements. We have everything you need to get yourself equipped for the field, including all of the best footwear by Lowa.