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Product Description

Lowa Zephyr Mid Boots (Desert Tan)

If comfort and durability are equally important to you, the Lowa Zephyr Mid Boots (Desert Tan) is the perfect type of footwear for your preferences. Made from breathable materials, this boot is specifically designed to meet the enhanced needs of armed forces and other professionals who serve in desert climates. Not only are these boots impressively tough and rugged, but they are also incredibly lightweight to facilitate ease of movement when speed is of the essence. Additionally, the comfortable construction and high-quality materials used throughout these boots make them especially comfortable for all-day use.

Benefits of the Lowa Zephyr Mid Boots (Desert Tan):

  • Lining made with quick-dry materials and breathable fabric to keep the feet healthy and dry
  • Stabilizer made from ¾ length nylon
  • Uppers made from durable split leather and rugged Cordura
  • Cross outsole
  • Strong and comfortable midsole made with Monowrap and PU construction
  • Footbed made with climate-control materials for enhanced comfort

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Lowa Zephyr Mid Boots (Desert Tan):

There is a good reason why these boots have become the go-to choice of footwear for armed forces, outdoor professionals and avid hikers alike. When you need boots that can comfortable and safely get you to your destination in hot climates, you need Lowa Zephyr Tan Mid Boots. Order your pair today and see for yourself just how comfortable and sturdy a lightweight boot can be!

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