Military personnel must embody a number of virtues in order to succeed, including an unwavering focus and precise attention to detail. These qualities extend to all aspects of personal conduct and presentation, including uniform standards—and no uniforms take a beating quite like those proudly worn by members of the armed forces. When you consider how crucial footwear is to the overall appearance and functionality of that uniform, the need for a quality shoe treatment becomes clear. This is where Lincoln shoe stain comes in.

The Lincoln Shoe Polish Company has been a trusted source of quality leather and shoe care products since their founding in 1925. Currently based in Sunnyvale, California, Lincoln prides itself on the longtime company standard of producing only the highest-quality polishes and leather stains. Products are made exclusively using the finest raw materials from around the globe, such as the imported carnauba wax that is instrumental in many of their most popular items.

Lincoln shoe stain has been a common staple in military lockers for generations, offering deep penetration of leather items for superior restoration, as well as for color change purposes. Their popular stain wax nourishes leather while also protecting it from moisture.  Their well-known polishes will bring any tactical or dress shoe to an outstanding military “spit” shine. We offer a range of essentials from Lincoln for any and all of your shoe care needs.