Like A Boss Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey

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Product Description

Like A Boss Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey

This Like A Boss Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey is a funny morale patch inspired by the classic Saturday Night Live Skit “Like a Boss” starring Andy Samberg and Seth Rogan. You can watch the skit at

Wearers of this Like a Boss shoulder patch might want to be the boss for a day or poke fun at their bosses for their micromanaging, annoying ways. However, the most common interpretation is that you act like a boss, decisively, well and effectively, regardless if you are the boss or not.

The figure in this Like a Boss patch almost looks like Don Draper from Mad Men, too, whom we know is not the greatest boss out there either. Respected yes, liked, not so much. No matter why you wear this patch or how you interpret it, it looks cool and has a great message.

Benefits of Like A Boss Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey:

  • Do you think, act and lead like a boss? Then be proud and wear this patch to prove it!
  • Multiple interpretations are possible, but the most common is that you act decisively and effectively, and people respect that
  • Watch the SNL skit that inspired the patch to understand it more

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Like A Boss Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey:

Time to model your leadership and order one now!

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