LED Lenser

For a flashlight, the mantra is simply the brighter the better, right?  We think you may want even more, so we carry the LED Lenser flashlight brand to give you a bright, lightweight and efficient light stick.

When you need to see what’s ahead of you, whether in an enclosed space or out in the open, these flashlights step up to give you a beam that appears brighter than any other with the same lumens. Brightness is just one winning aspect of these torches; they are also made of lightweight materials, creating an excellent companion for field work when you are already carrying a belt full of equipment.

Sometimes you need to see something up close, while other times you want to scan the entire perimeter. With the LED Lenser flashlights, you can change the focus almost instantly using just one hand; your thumb can easily move the beam adjustment out or in. This means you can keep your weapon or whatever else you are holding firmly in the other hand. When it is time to change the battery, you don’t have to worry about buying expensive replacements. These run on common battery sizes that are readily available.