Leather Luster Kit


Product Description

Leather Luster Kit

The Leather Luster Kit provides a high-gloss finish for your most valuable leather gear.  When you invest in leather goods, you want them to last—especially when you’re on an important mission. From military dress shoes to belts to automotive covers, this product keeps leather looking shiny and healthy for years to come. This product offers top-quality shine and keeps your leather strong and breathable for the lifetime of your gear. With regular application of the liquid pre-cleaner, your boots or belt will look as good as new with much less time and effort on your part. You can rest assured that the leather luster kit will not crack, peel or otherwise harm your leather items.

Benefits of the Leather Kit:

  • A high-gloss shine for all your top-quality leather goods
  • Ideal for military boots, dress shoes, gun belts and other leather accessories
  • Won’t crack or peel leather
  • Saves a lot of time in the leather-cleaning process
  • Liquid formula easy to apply
  • Effect can last for the life of the leather

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Leather Luster Kit:

Forget hours of “spit shining” your leather items. Get great results in minutes with the leather luster kit. For leather used in the line of duty, only top-quality cleaners will do. A proper leather cleaning solution can keep your shoes, boots, belts and other gear shining brilliantly for years to come. Take care of your leather gear quickly and effectively with the leather luster kit. Order yours today!

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