LE Duty Gear

Upholding law and order can be a tough task, especially when dealing with large numbers of people who are disturbing the peace and acting in ways that could harm themselves or others. Doing the job to the best of your abilities is much easier when you have duty gear that keeps you safe. We carry a large selection of specialty items that are made to perform reliably despite very challenging conditions.

Check out the items we have that allow you to keep necessities on your person and quickly accessible, such as holsters, handcuff pouches and gun belts. Some of these come in your choice of style so they easily blend with a uniform. All wearable items are built in very streamlined ways so they are highly functional without unnecessary bulk.

We also offer law enforcement gear that’s specific for people who may also need to give medical assistance. From medical kits to cases that fit latex gloves, these items ensure you can give help on the scene when it’s most needed.  Shop today and explore all the products we carry to help professionals perform well in high-pressure environments.