LE Accessories

When you have made it your life’s work to protect and serve others by working as a member of law enforcement, it’s crucial to have gear that can withstand the rigors of your career. We carry specialized Law Enforcement Accessories to help you do your job to the fullest every day, whether you are a new recruit to the police force or someone who has been in the career for several decades.

These LE accessories are made to carry essential equipment. We also have identifying patches that can be sewn onto uniforms so there is no doubt that the wearer is authorized to be on the scene. Because we understand that providing first aid is a common part of the job, we sell easy-to-carry items like bandages, sponges and splints. These products allow you quickly access specialty materials in case you need to act as a first responder when arriving on the scene of an incident.

You’ll also find cases, boxes and bags that are designed to accommodate the gear that police use daily. These rugged containers can handle tough environments, including outdoor settings. Shop today and browse the full assortment of items we have to aid in carrying out your important duties confidently and competently.