Jefferies Top Flite Sport Crew 6 Pack Socks


Product Description

Jefferies Top Flite Sport Crew 6 Pack Socks

When it comes to the well-being of your feet, you need more than just a durable pair of shoes. You also need to right socks, so order the Jefferies Top Flite Sport Crew 6 Pack Socks to always have a great pair on hand. These socks are designed to withstand plenty of use, so even if you are expecting to spend the whole day walking around, you can rest easy knowing your feet are being taken care of.

When you order a package of Top Flite Sport Crew Socks, you get plenty of pairs. They come in a classic white color, so they work well with most types of shoes and boots. The right cushioning will prevent any discomfort in your feet, and if you have a task at hand that needs to be accomplished, the last thing you want is dealing with your feet feeling itchy or bruised.

Benefits of the Jefferies Top Flite Socks:

  • Double welt construction
  • Non-ravel top design
  • AR670-1 compliant for active duty wear
  • Black and white colors approved for discretionary wear
  • No visible logos align with military regulations
  • Authorized height for military use

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Sport Crew 6 Pack Socks:

Do not settle for just any old socks when it comes to your daily comfort. Get a pair of socks that will have you feeling good until you can finally take your shoes off and relax at the end of the day. Order now.

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