As a member of the military, you know that time is of the essence when it comes to performing your duties. When you serve to protect your country, you need equipment that will optimize your speed and readiness. ITW weapon accessories come in a variety of styles and colors, all with the goal of reducing your reloading time while keeping your ammunition secure. You can choose styles with or without tabs, allowing you to double-stack magazines or attach accessory pouches in order to build your optimal kit.

In addition to pistol belts and other quick-access magazine storage, our selection of ITW weapon accessories includes high-strength polymer attachment devices like locking D-rings and carabiners. Soldiers can use these clips without fear of creating additional noise and attention since non-metal, molded polymer eliminates distracting metallic sounds. Compared to metal attachment clips, these accessories are lighter and more cost effective without compromising strength or durability. When you’re working in the heat of the sun, polymer clips won’t heat up. They also have a textured grip for easy handling even with wet conditions or gloved hands.

ITW weapon accessories are user friendly, allowing you to position these products in whatever orientation is most efficient for you in the field. Conducive to mounting in both the up and down and side to side positions, traditional top closures are not necessary when using these magazine holders. Styles for pistol belts feature adjustable slides designed to fit most standard issue belts and offer a tension removal strap that allows you to adjust to your individual preference. When you need to act quickly, our line of ITW accessories will be there to help.