ITW Web Dominator Excess Webbing Management System

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Product Description

ITW Web Dominator Excess Webbing Management System

Field operators haul a lot of gear on their person, often making it difficult to stay organized and free of loose ends. The ITW Web Dominator Excess Webbing Management System was designed with this idea in mind, providing a simple but effective means of tying down straps, cords, and any extra slack which can cause diminished mobility. ITW built this innovative accessory to withstand the rigors of military operations, with rugged construction and an elastic shock cord for resilient performance. It is designed to be field-replaceable, allowing for attachment and removal without requiring sewing or cutting. Use the ITW Excess Webbing Management System to tie up loose web straps, to position your hydration tube, or to clean up wires from communication equipment so you maintain complete freedom of movement.

Benefits of the ITW Web Dominator Webbing Management System:

  • Made to eliminate trip hazards and other loose ends
  • Split-bar design is field replaceable without tools
  • Adjusts silently and with little effort for improved functionality
  • Easy attachment to 1” sized webbing
  • Features resilient elastic shock cord
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • 100% compliant with Berry Amendment standards

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ITW Webbing Management System:

Deceptively simple in its construction, the ITW Web Dominator Excess Webbing Management System can fulfill an important task in the field by maintaining your range of motion and stability. When gear gets tough to manage, ITW helps you take control of the situation.

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