ITW Tac Link Carabiners

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Product Description

ITW Tac Link Carabiners

Offering an alternative to metal-based products, the ITW Tac Link Carabiners feature a high-strength polymer construction which delivers comparable results without the noise and vulnerability to surface damage. When a surefire carrying solution is required, ITW has a capable solution. ITW Tac Link Carabiners are available in a variety of colors to suit your particular application. The Tan and Foliage Green iterations feature incorporated IR signature reduction for sensitive operations. A large latch opening reduces potential for snagging while a textured grip makes handling easier while wearing gloves or when hands are wet. The polymer-based construction of the ITW Tac Link Carabiner offer several benefits, including solar resistance, reduced weight, and no metal-on-metal noise generation.

Benefits of the ITW Carabiners:

  • Corrosion-resistant spring made of stainless steel
  • Notable savings in both cost and weight versus metal alternatives
  • High-strength molded polymer resists solar heating and reduces noise
  • Resilient surface won’t scratch or ding
  • Textured grip capability enhances use while wearing gloves or in wet environments
  • Features large latch opening for easy application
  • Available in various colors to suit any tactical operation

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ITW Carabiners Tac Link:

For hauling your most crucial gear, it’s always important to employ the most capable accessories. The ITW Tac Link Carabiners are designed to deliver exceptional performance with weight support and balance that you can trust in.

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