ITW GrimLoc Portable Locking D-Ring

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Product Description

ITW GrimLoc Portable Locking D-Ring

Metal carabiners are popular for many tactical purposes but they can present certain natural limitations. Designed to deliver exceptional performance for non-load bearing activities, the ITW Grimlock Portable Locking D-Ring features a high-strength polymer-based construction that overcomes several drawbacks of competing products. ITW crafted this D-ring to provide a lightweight, quiet-operation alternative to metal equivalents. Featuring a stainless steel spring that is resistant to corrosion and integrated ports to self-purge sand and debris, the ITW Grimlock DRing offers resilient, reliable performance even in rugged environments. The break-away design element prevents snagging and the D-ring is enhanced with an improved grip via surface texturing for superior action in wet conditions or while wearing gloves.

Benefits of the ITW GrimLoc Locking D-Ring:

  • Features lightweight, heavy-duty polymer construction for hauling gear
  • Built for reduction of IR signatures for precision operations
  • Offers resistance to solar gain to reduce heat
  • Stainless steel spring is corrosion-resistant for all-weather performance
  • Generates less noise when compared with metal-based products
  • Made to attach to 1” webbing
  • Proudly made in the USA

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ITW Portable Locking GrimLoc D-Ring:

Perfect for attaching weapon slings and similar gear components, the ITW Grimlock Portable Locking DRing will keep necessary equipment close at hand. It offers reduced heat gain and noise generation, affording you subtler movement in the field for an edge in the toughest situations.

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