ITW Gen IV 5.56mm .223 FastMag Without Tabs

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Product Description

ITW Gen IV 5.56mm .223 FastMag Without Tabs

In the heat of battle, the viability of your firearm can represent all the difference. Providing an innovative approach to magazine retention, the ITW Gen IV 5.56mm .223 FastMag Without Tabs allows for unparalleled accessibility to your crucial ammo reserves to give you an edge in a tight situation. Built from a high-strength polymer that resists impacts and features anti-fragmentation characteristics, this ITW ammo solution does away with traditional elastic bands and flap covers. It employs a urethane strap for tension, which is adjustable for a tighter or looser hold so you can draw your magazines according to your preference. The ITW FastMag Without Tabs mounts to any PALS/MOLLE web platform with an upward or downward orientation, furthering customization capability for maximum performance in the field.

Benefits of the ITW Gen IV FastMag Without Tabs:

  • Fits majority of .223 and 5.56 magazines
  • Attachments slots allow for double-stack mag holders or additional gear pouches
  • Impact-resistant construction stands up to any challenge in the field
  • Easy mounting on any MOLLE or PALS 1” webbing
  • Urethane tension strap is fully adjustable for custom retention
  • Resists solar heat gain and reduces IR signature

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ITW 5.56mm .223 Gen IV FastMag Without Tabs:

When faced with a conflict situation, your gear must be ready to perform at the highest level. The ITW FastMag Gen II 5.56mm .223 Without Tabs is made to provide you with the advantage you need for success in the battlefield.

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